House League Programs – Registration Postponed

PYBA Members,

We are sorry about these technical difficulties. We have decided to close registration for now. The error we found has turned into a larger problem.

Once we have a handle on the situation we will inform you when registration will be live again. This could take a few days. I promise I will inform you when we have a solution and when we will be able to open registration again.

We know kids(and their parents) are eager to get back on the court. (Potentially we didn’t know just how eager everyone was), but we do ask for your patience and understanding. Trust us, this is not how we saw this morning going.

At this time we cannot take anyones registration through email. Everyone will need to register your players through the site once it is back up and running.

We will be back in touch when we have more information to share.

Thank you for your continued support.