Recreational Programming and New Logo

The PYBA Executive has been working behind the scenes on your behalf and we need to get some input from our members on two specific topics; Recreational Programming and New Logo.

Recreational Programming

We are currently looking into the potential of running some Recreational Skills and Drills practice sessions starting in January. The Sports Dome, formerly known as the Spiplex is being turned into 3 basketball courts. Very exciting news. We are currently in discussions with the new owners about renting space.

Our programming would follow all federal, provincial and municipal COVID-19 guidelines. We are also taking guidance from Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) which means we will only be able to offer physically distanced Drills and Skills practices. There will not be any game play; scrimmages or 1v1defensive drills allowed. Players would get to improve their own individual skills.

Participation numbers will be very limited, and cost has not yet been determined, but we will do our utmost to keep it as accessible to all as possible. We want to see kids get back to having some fun.

In order to determine whether we will offer programs we need to hear from you, to gauge your level of interest. Please fill this form out by this Friday, November 13th.

Please take a moment to fill out this Return to Indoor Play Recreational Program survey.*

*This survey is for Recreational Players only. Please do not fill out if your child participates in our Power Programming.

Logo Design

Your executive listened to the comments from the last logo survey we did. There were many who were not happy with the options. We decided to get some more sophisticated designs and created a logo competition through 99Designs. We have 5 brand new designs to choose from. Please fill this survey out by Wednesday November 18th.

Please take a moment to fill out the Logo Survey – Take Two

We look forward to hearing from you.

The PYBA Executive